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Let´s draw this cow Skillshare

If you are interested in learning the Basics of Digital Illustration in Procreate, this class is for you!

Do you like to draw? And would you like to learn how to draw on your iPad? Come with me and I will show you the basics of digital illustration! Let's go together and learn the tools of the most important application in the digital world: Procreate, and start drawing like a pro!

In this class you will learn all the basics of Procreate tools, just to get you started unleashing your imagination.

This class is for children of all ages who have an interest in digital illustration.

The tools you need for this class:

  • iPad 

  • Apple Pencil  

  • Procreate 5 or superior


* I also have some resources for you to download.

* This class is in english with captions in several laguages including spanish.

After this class, you will learn to use the application, you will be able to draw like a Pro and you will be able to share your drawings on your social networks and show your friends your new skills!

Project Description:

LET'S DRAW THIS COW!! Step by step illustration. 

For the class project, you'll create your own illustration in Procreate.

I will guide you through the process.

You can download all the resources that I have here for you:

  • A Special Brush Set.

  • A Color Palette.

  • A Step by Step Worksheet.

  • A .png Basic Shapes Guide

  • A .png Sketch to Guide you.

*Try using a browser to download the resources directly on Skillshare.

Resources for this Skillshare class_edited.jpg

Feel free to experiment with other colors, or shapes, even with another animal. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination run free. Take your cow to another stage, you can take it to space or leave it on the sofa at home.

We will start by creating the document. We will sketch our animals and then choose our colors. We will give color to it and finally give textures to make it look more fun. In the end, we will choose the background we want and Now it will be ready to export and share!

After finishing your project you can use your art as you want, you can publish it on your social networks or print it to be able to play with it. If you want you can also create a nice picture to decorate your room or turn it into a nice greeting card.

Be sure I can see your final project, you can publish it here on Skillshare in the class project gallery, and also you can tag me on your photos if you share them on your Instagram! Tag me @anita_ilustra and use the Hashtag #letsdraw so I can see your project and share it!

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